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In India, the Karma Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Public Charitable Trust,registered  in Gaya (Bihar) under the Indian Act, which has as its object, in particular, medical aid whose secretary, Lama Sonam TOPCHEN, is based in Bodhgaya.


In Europe, the Karmapa Health Care Project(KHCP), a non-profit association registered in Kiel (Germany), whose leaders, Pia and Peter CERVENY, regularly support the projects of the KTM association, not only financially but also by sending medical personnel to Bodhgaya during the Kagyu Monlam (annual prayers of Karma Kagyu lineage monks) 


In France, the associationMountain of Happiness, created in 2004, which organizes medical missions for underprivileged populations in the Indian Himalayas, notably in Spiti, and provides the KTM association with its pool of doctors and medical auxiliaries for its missions in Bodhgaya.


We warmly thank all our medical volunteers, our interpreters and our drivers in the field. And, of course, all our private donors who, through their contributions, give us the courage to continue our medical activity in the service of the most deprived!

Nomadic doctors and nurses
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Need for experienced and motivated volunteers


We are looking for volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, midwives and ophthalmologists for our missions. If you think you can help us, please contact us by filling out the form on the right.


NB: We do not welcome trainees or students because we favor the recruitment of experienced health professionals!


The volunteers pay for their plane tickets themselves and carry out their activity free of charge. Of course, they are housed, transported and translated at the expense of the KTM association!


Need for financing by your essential donations for medical missions and the purchase

equipment and drugs


We are fortunate to have been able to meet regular donors, such as the Karmapa Health Care Project (KHCP) association, which enabled us to carry out the first medical missions in 2019-2020 and to provide food aid during confinement. but we need your donations to be able to sustain our medical missions  and equip a dental office!


Also, your donation, "small" or "big" is welcome to continue our medical adventure!

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